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Biden Spends Hundreds Of Millions On Better Mental Health Services

The White House announced hundreds of millions of dollars in new funding to expand, improve and support mental health services across the U.S., reports Scripps News. The announcement on May's Mental Health Day of Action, lays out how the administration plans to expand the capacity of mental health services, connect more people to care, and create a "continuum of support," or an environment that both promotes mental wellness and prevents mental health challenges in the first place. Some $200 million in new funds will be allocated to improve the nation's 988 suicide and crisis lifeline, along with other resources for school-based mental health. Mental health issues have been blamed for contributing to several recent mass shootings.

The Department of Education has allocated over $280 million to improve the "pipeline of mental health services" in U.S. schools. $95 million of it will be grants to 35 states to bolster access to school-based mental health services. Other initiatives will enhance crisis response, so young people will get faster access to trained health care professionals. The administration wants to reduce disparities in postpartum mental health outcomes for women from underserved backgrounds. The administration launched, a free public website where Americans can connect with resources and help to address mental health, drug and alcohol issues. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found in 2021 that two in five adults in the U.S. reported symptoms of anxiety and depression, with 44 percent of high school students reporting having struggled with persistent feelings of sadness.


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