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At Least A Dozen Mass Shootings Reported Over Holiday Weekend

Mass shootings have already happened again and again after the Uvalde, Tx., massacre. At least 15 mass shootings have taken place across the U.S., in the last week, from California to Arizona to Tennessee. This Memorial Day weekend alone, there have been at least 12 mass shootings, reports the Washington Post. At least eight people have been killed and 55 injured in mass shootings over the holiday weekend, according to GVA and local news sources. Brian Stelter, a news anchor at CNN, interrupted a broadcast Sunday about the response to the mass shooting in Uvalde to tell viewers about another — in Tennessee. “Mass killings like Buffalo and Uvalde become national news, but many mass shootings do not. They just end up being local stories,” Stelter said.

On Saturday evening, six teenagers were injured by gunfire in Chattanooga, Tn., in what Mayor Tim Kelly said was probably “an altercation between other teenagers.” The victims, who were between the ages of 13 and 15, were transported to a hospital, and two had life-threatening injuries. Kelly said he was “heartbroken” for the families of the victims and “angry” about political inaction on gun laws. The Chattanooga shooting was one of at least five mass shootings that took place on Saturday alone, according to the Gun Violence Archive. On Sunday, there were at least another five mass shootings, including one at a Memorial Day festival in Taft, Ok. Authorities said one person was killed and seven people were injured, including a minor. A suspect turned himself in and was in custody. One person died and three others were injured during a shooting at a party in Merced County, Ca. On Monday, police in Benton Harbor, Mi. were called to an area around a liquor store where a shooting had taken place in the early hours of Monday. One man was dead, and six were injured by gunfire. Around the same time, two people died and two others were injured during a shooting at a party in Port Richmond, Pa., according to statements from law enforcement. The victims ranged in age from 14 to 21.


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