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As Prices Increase, More Thieves Draining Cars of Gasoline

Reports of gasoline thieves have been cropping up across the U.S. as gas prices continue to soar, experts are urging drivers to take caution. Experts report that people with trucks and cars that sit higher are especially vulnerable to gas thieves, reports CBS8 in San Diego. Thieves are "actually drilling into the gas tank and letting it flow from the gas tank. This is a costly repair that could cost a vehicle owner a thousand dollars or more to replace that gas tank," said Doug Shupe of the American Automobile Association.


"Some obvious signs that you’ve been a victim to this type of theft is you’ll smell gasoline as you approach your vehicle, you may see a puddle particularly right below the gas tank and then of course your vehicle may not start or that check gasoline light will come on," said Shupe. He advises parking in a garage if you can, finding secured lots with security cameras, and parking where there is a lot of foot traffic. "Thieves look for the opportunity and with these higher gas prices and they’re trying to steal it whether it’s for their own vehicle or trying to sell it," said Shupe.


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