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After High Court Ruling, NY Limiting Where Concealed Guns Are Allowed

New York will limit severely where concealed carry guns could be allowed in the state in aftermath of the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn a century-old state firearm law. Gov. Kathy Hochul called the legislature into a one-day session to address the court ruling. Its measure would restrict where an individual can go with a concealed weapon, including bans from schools and subways; strengthen permit requirements; bolster safe storage rules and require a license to purchase ammunition, Politico reports. The court ruling "turned our world upside down,” Hochul said, adding that "there’s going to be a much higher number of people walking our streets, going on the subway, sitting next to someone on a bus unless we take action to protect our citizens.”

The 6-3 high court decision struck down New York’s requirement that gun owner’s show “proper cause” to carry a weapon outside the home for self-defense. The law had been on the books since 1911. Two justices suggested that the ruling would affect only seven states that put the onus on a gun owner to justify issuance of a permit. New York will limit significantly where individuals with licenses can go by defining “sensitive areas” that will be off limits to concealed carry weapons. The proposed list was extensive, covering government buildings, parks, mass transit, health and medical facilities, places where children gather, daycare centers, schools, zoos, playgrounds, polling places and educational institutions. The law was expected to add to the list of disqualifying criteria for applicants that includes a history of dangerous behavior or mental health issues.


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