Criminal Justice Reform

The NCJA advocates for effective criminal justice policy and funding for justice assistance programs.

Criminal Justice System Improvement

The State Administering Agencies (SAAs) are leaders in improving the criminal justice system in their states. Through their role as conveners and funders, the SAAs test innovation in criminal justice policy, replicate proven practices, fund data-driven policy and practice, and harmonize policy across programs and across state and local agencies, and leverage other sources of funding to amplify these accomplishments.

NCJA provides training and technical assistance to support SAAs and their partner agencies in this work. Currently, NCJA is involved in two projects moving states forward on strategic planning and evidence-based policy.

Click below to learn more about our work with the SAAs on strategic planning and data-driven policy and practice.

SAA Training and Technical Assistance

Supported by grant from the Department of Justice, Bureau of Justice Assistance, we provide training and technical assistance to SAAs on strategic planning and data-driven policy and practice. A well-crafted and well-executed strategic planning process is comprehensive, looks statewide, and is developed by engaging voices from across the state’s justice system. The strategic plan is dynamic and updated regularly. It allows an organization to express its vision, describe its values, state or update its mission, develop and accomplish short- and long-term goals, identify appropriate programs to meet those goals, identify strengths and weaknesses and barriers, and track progress.

Through this work the NCJA has developed a video series exploring innovative programs developed and implemented by state criminal justice planning agencies, and how these programs are helping local jurisdictions identify, implement, and evaluate evidence-based programs to reduce crime and prevent recidivism. Watch the videos here.