SAA Grant Making and Management Library

The NCJA advocates for effective criminal justice policy and funding for justice assistance programs.

SAA Grant Making and Management Library

Following gubernatorial elections, states appoint new State Administering Agency (SAA) administrators – many who may have experience in criminal justice policy and practice. Despite this, many may be new to formula and block grant administration. Adjusting to a changed role, a new cadre of principles and partners, and distinctive information and processes can be challenging. The following information was conceived to assist the orientation process for new SAAs. This State Administering Agency (SAA) page is designed to support the professional development of new SAA Administrators and staff as they navigate through local, state and federal financial and programmatic issues involving justice programs. For more experienced SAA administrators, this tool provides a ready reference as various issues arise or technical provisions shift. This resource articulates the requisite knowledge and skills an SAA and their staff need to effectively administer state and federal resources.

A partnership effort involving the Office of Justice Programs (OJP) Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA), the National Criminal Justice Association, and SAAs, the following web pages are a general reference source with information about key partners; grant programs; administration requirements; performance measurement; federal and national resources; best and promising practices; and other information that helps to inform, instruct and define the work of SAAs.

The following webpages are organized into seven sections. Each section explores its topic in general terms, hyper- linking to additional resources and more in-depth subject matter, examples of practice, sample forms, documents and templates. Information is provided in this fashion so that users can shortcut and customize information as needed. A glossary of terminology and explanation of commonly used acronyms is included as a reference. Although mutually supporting, sections are designed as independent units allowing the user to access current and timely information in specific areas of need and to varying degrees of depth.

Grants Management Library

There is great variation in the portfolios, capacities, size and locations of SAAs. Despite this, all SAAs share the same public safety grant making and administering function. Due to this central function; internal SAA practices regarding RFP solicitation, grant administration and grant management can impact public safety, the effectiveness of sub-grantees and they types of programs that apply for and receive funding. Utilizing best practices and consistent policies around grant making and management can help protect the state from the mishandling of funds, sub-grantee fraud and allow an SAA to help sub-grantees who may be floundering or not meeting agreed upon goals. Below SAAs and their staff will find a variety of grant solicitations, grant management handbooks and other materials states are using to structure their grant making and management functions.

Grant Administration and Management

Grant Writing

Byrne Justice Assistance Grant Solicitations