Staff Bios

NCJA Staff Directory

The NCJA has extensive experience convening state policymakers, practitioners, and stakeholder organizations on a broad and diverse range of criminal justice policy issues, comprehensive strategic planning, and system-wide reform in policy and practice. Our office can be reached at (202) 628-8550 or, or use the directory below to contact individual staff directly.

Chris Asplen
Executive Director
(202) 448-1712

Linda Ballou
(202) 448-1712

Bethany Broida
Director of Communications
(202) 448-1713

Amanda Coscia
Program Analyst
(774) 219-1041

Bob Greeves
Senior Policy Adviser
(202) 448-1717

Deb Matteucci
Project Manager
(202) 424-0834

Carol Poole
Senior Policy Adviser
(202) 569-3445

Elizabeth Pyke
Director of Government Affairs
(202) 448-1715

Janene Scelza
Web Manager
(202) 441-0172

David Steingraber
Senior Policy Adviser
(202) 448-1716

Tammy Woodhams
Senior Staff Associate
(202) 448-1711