The NCJA represents state, tribal and local governments on crime control and crime prevention issues.

NCJA Governance

As the NCJA's primary governing body, the Advisory Council helps the Board of Directors formulate and guide the policy and direction of the association. The Advisory Council is composed the chief executive officer from each state and territory’s State Administering Agency (SAA) and regional representatives four regions (see regional map) elected by general membership. Regional Chairs also serve on the Executive Committee, with the NCJA President, Vice President Council and Immediate Past President (if able to serve). Advisory Council members select the Board of Directors and NCJA Officers each year. The Board of Directors sets policy for the association.

Meet our Leadership

View bios for the NCJA President and Vice President.

Governance Committee Members

Below are rosters for the Advisory Council, Board of Directors, Executive Committee, Elections Committee and Policy Committees. Click the name of the committee to view its members.

Advisory Council (State Reps)

Alabama: Kenneth Boswell, Director, AL Department of Economic & Community Affairs
Alaska: Kelly Howell, Administrative Services Director, AK Department of Public Safety
Arizona: Andy LeFevre, Executive Director, AZ Criminal Justice Commission
California: Kathleen Howard, Executive Director, CA Board of State & Community Corrections
Colorado: Joe Thome, Director, Division of Criminal Justice, CO Department of Public Safety
Connecticut: Mike Lawlor, Undersecretary, CT Office of Policy & Management, Criminal Justice Policy & Planning Division
Delaware: Christian Kervick, Executive Director, DE Criminal Justice Coordinating Council
District of Columbia: Michelle Garcia, Director, DC Office of Victim Services and Justice Grants
Georgia: James Neal, Executive Director, GA Criminal Justice Coordinating Council Office of the Governor
Guam: William Castro, Acting Director, Guam Bureau of Statistics & Plans
Hawaii: Suzuki Russell, Attorney General, HI Department of the Attorney General
Illinois: John Maki, Executive Director, IL Criminal Justice Information Authority
Indiana: David Murtaugh, Executive Director, IN Criminal Justice Institute
Kansas: Shawn Cowing, Administrator, KS Criminal Justice Coordinating Council
Kentucky: John Tilley, Cabinet Secretary, KY Justice & Public Safety Cabinet
Louisiana: Jim Craft, Executive Director, LA Commission on Law Enforcement
Maine: John Morris, Commissioner, ME Department of Public Safety
Maryland: Glenn Fueston, Executive Director, MD Governor's Office of Crime Control & Prevention
Massachusetts: Daniel Bennett, Secretary, MA Office of Public Safety
Michigan: Kriste Kibbey Etue, Director, MI Department of State Police
Minnesota: Raeone Emery Magnuson, Executive Director, MN Department of Public Safety, Office of Justice Programs
Mississippi: Chris Gillard, Executive Director, MS Department of Public Safety
Missouri: Charles Juden, Director, MO Department of Public Safety
Montana: Laura Obert, Chairwoman, MT Board of Crime Control
Nebraska: Darrell Fisher, Executive Director, NE Crime Commission
Nevada: Jim Wright, Director, NV Department of Public Safety
New Hampshire: Kathleen Carr, Director of Administration, NH Department of Justice
New Jersey: Elie Honig, Director, NJ Office of the Attorney General, Division of Criminal Justice
New York: Michael Green, Executive Deputy Commissioner, NY Division of Criminal Justice Services
North Carolina: Caroline Valand, Executive Director, NC Governor's Crime Commission
North Dakota: Dallas Carlson, Director, ND Bureau of Criminal Investigation
Northern Mariana Islands: John Cruz, Executive Director, CNMI Criminal Justice Planning Agency
Ohio: Karhlton Moore, Executive Director, OH Office of Criminal Justice Services
Oklahoma: Trent Baggett, Executive Coordinator, OK District Attorneys Council
Oregon: Michael Schmidt, Director, OR Criminal Justice Commission
Pennsylvania: Derin Myers, Director, PA Commission on Crime & Delinquency
Puerto Rico: Cesar Miranda, Attorney General, PR Department of Justice
South Carolina: Phil Riley, Administrator, SC Department of Public Safety
South Dakota: Trevor Jones, Secretary, SD Department of Public Safety
Tennessee: Jennifer Brinkman, Director, TN Office of Criminal Justice Programs
Texas: Reilly Webb, Interim Executive Director, TX Office of the Governor
Utah: Kim Cordova, Executive Director, UT Commission on Criminal & Juvenile Justice
Vermont: Thomas Anderson, Commissioner, VT Department of Public Safety
Virginia: Shannon Dion, Director, VA Department of Criminal Justice Services
Washington: Richard Torrance, Managing Director, Department of Commerce
West Virginia: Rick Staton, Director, WV Division of Justice & Community Services
Wisconsin: Constance Kostelac (Designee), Director, WI Department of Justice, Bureau of Justice Information and Analysis