Who We Are

Representing all facets of the criminal and juvenile justice community.

Who We Are

The National Criminal Justice Association (NCJA) has been representing state, tribal and local governments on criminal and juvenile justice issues for more than 40 years. We advocate for effective criminal justice policy and funding for justice assistance programs across a broad range of policy issues, from local law enforcement and violent crime reduction, to corrections, victim services, drug treatment, pretrial justice reform, and more.

Learn more about our mission, policies, activities, and services we offer.

NCJA Members

Our members represent all facets of the criminal and juvenile justice community, including law enforcement,  corrections, prosecution, defense, courts, victim-witness services and academic research, as well as  federal, state, and local elected officials. Learn more about member benefits.

Staff Directory

The NCJA staff has a wealth of experience in providing assistance to federal, state, local and tribal justice agencies to identify barriers and develop strategies to increase the effectiveness of criminal justice agencies and programs. Browse staff profiles.

Governance and Committees

The NCJA is governed by an Executive Committee, Advisory Council, and Board of Directors. These volunteers devote countless hours to guiding the NCJA in its mission. View committee members.

State Administering Agencies

State Administering Agencies (SAAs) are entities within state and territorial governments and the District of Columbia that are responsible for comprehensive criminal justice planning and policy development. The NCJA, with funding from the Bureau of Justice Assistance, is the primary technical assistance provider for SAAs. Learn more about what SAAs do.

Working Together

Become a Member

NCJA members receive news and updates about federal activity; funding opportunities; innovative and promising policies and practices; and discounted rates for NCJA's annual conference, and so much more. Compare member benefits.

Request Training and Technical Assistance

The NCJA staff has extensive experience in providing training and technical assistance to federal, state, local and tribal justice agencies to develop strategies to increase the effectiveness of criminal justice agencies and programs. We are also supported by a cadre of experienced criminal justice decision makers who can provide specialized expertise. Learn more about types of training and technical assistance we offer.

Partner with Us

Our organization strives to promote the development of justice systems that enhance public safety; prevent and reduce the harmful effects of criminal and delinquent behavior on victims, individuals, and communities; adjudicate defendants and sanction offenders fairly and justly; and operate effectively and efficiently. Contact NCJA Executive Director, Chris Asplen, to discuss how we can work together to have an even bigger impact. 

Apply for an Internship

The NCJA offers semester-long and summer internships for students. This internship program is designed to provide substantive experience in criminal justice policy. Interns primarily research and write articles; summarize and analyze criminal justice research; attend congressional hearings, Justice Department briefings, and other local justice-related events; and participate in other projects as assigned. Submit an application.

Contact Us

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Executive Director
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Director of Communications
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Program Analyst
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Senior Policy Adviser
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Senior Policy Adviser
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Program Manager
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Senior Policy Adviser
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Director of Government Affairs
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Web Manager
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Senior Policy Adviser
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Senior Staff Associate
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